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Since the coronavirus crisis at the latest, ever more people have been spending more time at home. It’s hardly surprising that this is reflected by a greater desire to improve the furnishings and feel good in our own homes.

Jansen Trading & Consulting based in Lachen (SZ) sells exquisite fragrance and incense sticks, mainly from India and Nepal, under the brand ‘World of Senses’.

The Digital Commerce team at Swiss Post was commissioned to initiate the strategic alignment and implementation of an e-commerce site that could go live in a very short space of time.


As a startup, Jansen Trading & Consulting had set itself the goal of setting up a ‘lean’ e-shop relatively quickly so that they could sell their products to the general public.


The result of the collaboration was the provision of a fully set-up e-shop within four weeks, including integrated shipping, returns and payment processes.

I had a good feeling about the SWISS POST LTD team right from our first meeting. This was confirmed over the course of the project by their professionalism and high level of commitment. We worked together to define the digital strategy of my online shop and the requirements for the future solution within a very short time and then worked with an external partner of SWISS POST LTD to set up a fantastic, multilingual online shop, including all the common payment methods. All within two months! All in all, our collaboration was very straightforward and a lot of fun.

Roger Jansen, Founder and Managing Director of Jansen Trading & Consulting


Jansen Trading & Consulting benefited from the following consulting services:

Illustration Services Jansen Trading & Consulting

(1) Strategy and design: Creation of an e-commerce strategy concept based on company goals and an analysis of the market situation and customer segments

(3) / (6) Implementation & e-shop: Definition of e-shop requirements plus support provided to the partner agency to help them implement the project with partial management based on a pre-defined budget and time frame

(4) Warehousing and order processing: We provided our own experience of the warehouse logistics industry to ensure operations both run smoothly and are in the optimum cost area

(5) Marketing: Assisting the partner agency to set out and implement marketing strategies across various digital channels

(7) / (8) Shipping & delivery: Assistance selecting appropriate shipping options, consignment management options and connection options (interfaces)

(9) Returns: Professional consulting to assist with optimizing the return management process

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