How an online shop becomes a success story Products for baking and desserts are delivered quickly to homes

More and more baking fans are practically storming the Cakelicious online shop. There are tantalizing reasons for this. For ten years now, the online shopTarget not accessible has been offering amateur bakers everything they need to make the finest baked goods and desserts themselves: from chocolate and sugar paste to decorative items and all kinds of garnishes.

There are other reasons too for the increasing popularity among customers: the company has steadily improved its online shop and logistics processes. In doing so, it sought advice from Swiss Post. Swiss Post is also assisting with further optimizations that Cakelicious is putting in place to achieve more growth.

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Cakelicious uses a wide range of Swiss Post services. By delivering data in a timely manner, Cakelicious makes sure its baking fans enjoy an optimal customer experience when receiving parcels, for instance. Over 2.2 million online shoppers use Swiss Post’s “My consignment” service. It informs them about their consignments free of charge by e-mail, SMS or push notification from the Post-App. In this way, they can manage receipt of their consignments as they wish.

Customer information and flexibility in delivery are important. Both ensure satisfied customers, and as a result, profitable growth in e-commerce.

Cakelicious relies on these and other services from Swiss Post:

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